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What Val Healing Clients Say:

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    Testimonial – June Chaplin

    post surgical care, personal training valentina boonstra, massae therapy valentina boonstra The other day someone told me she thought I was in my fifties. I am actually 79, pushing 80! “It’s the way you move” she said. Thank you, Valentina, I said to myself. I admit it, when I first knew Valentina, I ignored her good advice-after all, I walked the beach and swam some-wasn’t that good enough? I was tired, I was achy. I was lazy. All I wanted from her were her awesome massages. I thought that was all I needed. That was twenty years ago. Valentina finally coaxed me into using a foam roller for my aching back. It turns out it helped.  A lot. She suggested some postural changes and some stretches. They helped. A lot. Well, I thought, maybe I should listen to her about the exercise thing. So, I did. Her recommendations were exactly the right thing for me at the right time. With her encouragement I kept at it. My body began to change in very nice ways. I became stronger, more flexible. I had more energy. And thanks to her massages, I no longer ached. I moved away from Florida for a few years, and without Valentina’s care and encouragement, I fell off my workout and massage routine. I got older and weaker, and I ached a lot. Now I am back in Florida and under Valentina’s care once again. I feel good for my age and people say I look a whole lot younger. Valentina got me started on an exercise program that is just right for me in the older (late seventies) phase of my life. I happily receive her wonderful massages that help keep the aches of aging at bay. She helps me with doctor appointments, makes sure I eat well. Her joyful spirit helps keep my own spirits up. Valentina has changed my life for the better-twice. Thank you, Valentina. June      
    Testimonial from June Chaplin
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     post surgical care, personal training valentina boonstra, massae therapy valentina boonstra I would like to tell you how valuable Valentina Boonstra was to me during my recent hip surgery. She went with me to the pre surgery seminar and learned from my Doctor about all that was going to be needed after surgery.  I thought that was above and beyond what I had expected.  
    She was with me every day making sure  I was doing the post op exercises, taking my meds, and giving me massages so I wouldn't become stiff.  I have a two story condo so she was there to make sure I got up and down the stairs properly!  My bandages were changed daily as well.
    On top of that, she made nutritious meals that are good for bone building.  So, I was well taken care of for a week.  
    So, I highly recommend having Valentina with you when you are recovering from any surgery or injuries. She is very competent in all fields relating to recovery and seeing that you are getting better each and every day!
    Thank you.
    Sandra Bockman
    Indialantic, Fl 32903
    Testimonial from Sandra Bockman
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  • post surgical care, personal training valentina boonstra, massae therapy valentina boonstra
    Valentina Boonstra is an intuitive healer who soothes the aches and pains of the mind and body with her hands and her words through her massage therapy and wise counseling. She also sows seeds of love by graciously promoting others who are committed to their messages and light-work; weaving a thread for those meant to connect. She supports and shares the gifts of others in an effort to bring more light, love and healing to the world. ~Audra Erwin The “High on Life” Coach
    Testimonial for Val Boonstra
  • post surgical care, personal training valentina boonstra, massae therapy valentina boonstra
    Valentina Boonstra was very instrumental as a caregiver to me.  Her dedication to listening and evaluating what I needed to solve my immediate problem meant the world to me. Also, her empathy and compassion led to getting me help faster than the doctor who’s care I was under.  Valentina specializes in helping whomever she cares for by keeping them out of pain and helping the person she is caring for to live a better life with the condition to which they have been dealt in life with. Valentina cares about everyone around her.  She does not let anything else get in her way to achieve her resulted goal, so that her patient will not only feel better but start on the road towards better health.   Her communication skills are wonderful and by the way she keeps the family and friends informed you can see how much she cares for you with those special needs.      
    Testimonial: Lou Marchetti
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    "After hip surgery my legs swelled to three times their size. I went to rehab for two seeks, post surgery, but they did nothing to help get the swelling down in my legs. Valentina came to my home, wrapped my legs in special bandages and changed them out regularly until the swelling went back down. I believe what she did for me is called lymphedema wrapping. I believe she saved my life. Thank you Valentina!"  
    Agatha Gauthier – Vero Beach
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    My hips sometimes ache so badly that I cannot sleep. I am allergic to most pain meds, so there isn’t much I can do to relieve the pain. I called Valentina and she came to my home, she used doTerra Deep Blue and gently worked my legs and hips for an hour. After the third appointment, the pain subsided and I am remembering to do the stretching exercises she taught me. whenever I see anyone in pain, I tell them to call Val!!  
    Cynthia Gauthier – Vero Beach