One of my favorite things about being a massage therapist is that I’m in the position to assist people in their quests to heal themselves spiritually, even when they don’t know on a cognitive level that there is healing to be done. When someone is hurting, physically, there is also an emotional component to be dealt with. I happen to be gifted in helping people sift through the details of a traumatic incident. Something most people do not realize is trauma–physical or emotional–gets stored in our bodies. In my practice, I often work with my clients to help them release their trauma, which in turn speeds healing of the wounds left behind.

One of my more interesting encounters happened with a loving couple I work on regularly. They had been on a road trip to transport sporting equipment to another state. While on their trip, they stopped at a rest stop to doze a bit and use the facilities. When my client came out of the bathroom stall, three large, menacing men accosted her!

One of them literally had her by the head while the other was grabbing her legs and the third watched the door to the public restrooms. The woman I am writing about is in fact a five-foot, 100 lb. woman who happens to be a Bikram certified yoga instructor. She was in a fight for her own life, but was just as worried about her beloved husband and dog that were walking nearby. As she kicked and fought with the two men who held her, she looked into the eyes of the third man, who stood apart.  She quickly noticed the divinity in his eyes and held onto that. He tried to calm her: he explained they only wanted to rob her and husband’s truck, not harm them,  and begged her to please calm down. She looked at him and psychically asked for his compassion & help.

In the instant when she recognized his divinity it had become clear to her the third man was out of his element, being caught up with these other criminals. She locked eyes with him, and continued to “communicate”: the spell of aggression was broken; he ran, and the others dropped her and ran.

Fortunately, her husband and dog were not hurt. When the incident came to a close, her husband was traumatized, but also relieved that she hadn’t sustained more serious physical injuries. After she and her husband completed the paperwork and witnessing reports for the Police Officers, they headed home. Sometime later, it was reported to them that two of those same  men killed a trucker the very next day during a robbery. The witnesses saw the same men who had attacked my friend, but the one young man she had connected with was not with the other two. When he made the decision not to attack her, he must have also made the decision to leave the group entirely.

She took notice of that, and when she did I reflected on the whole scene and saw it more clearly in terms of spiritual physics. I like to think that she helped him to see himself differently that day. Perhaps he’d never been around spiritual people who recognized his divinity, or maybe he had, but had become caught up with the criminals he was around.

Also, what about her role? Why had this happened? We often manifest a situation that arises from the frequent thoughts we have while growing up. She had grown up as the smallest child in a volatile household. She had often felt powerless or victimized or scared of her own family! Because she had taken steps to grow on a spiritual level, including taking the extensive, expensive Bikram course, her being wanted to shed the old image. She rid herself completely of any victimhood as she took control over her life.

She and her husband practice yoga together and have a great loving and supportive partnership. But even with all those efforts, she had still been thinking the other way for so long that those thoughts caught up with her. Old habits die hard, so to speak.

By pulling in the “SITUATION”–and ultimately defeating it–she changed the dynamics of who she was and is in this world. Not only did she not allow them to victimize her, she saved her dog’s and husband’s lives as well. Just as important, she may have helped save that young man from continuing a life of crime. The wondrous magic of God’s love that shines in us when we let it broke the spell of violence in that room. It happened in a millisecond…Godspeed. Once the divinity was in the room, Evil ran.

As I pointed this out to her, I could sense she was relieved to have a different perspective and recognized what I was saying to her. She had no choice but to perceive herself as the true spiritual warrior she is.

I am so honored to have learned this from her as we gained a deeper understanding of spiritual energy on a new level together.


Her bravery made me feel braver, too.



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I have been a personal trainer and massage therapist for many years now. My specialty is getting people moving again. I have learned through the years that preventing injuries is as important as relieving pain after an injury. To that end, I have also learned Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Pilates.