Depression in Seniors




In my work as a massage therapist and as a CNA,  I am often one of the first to notice signs of depression in my clients.

For those of my people who are under the age of 70, I can have a gentle conversation about the subject of depression, and offer them suggestions for alleviating their symptoms. In those clients over the age of 70, I can still have the conversation, but the effects of depression will present differently, so it can be very important to involve family members in the conversation.

Exercise and massage can definitely help. Once we get that going, changing diet even slightly to a diet that contains more whole fruits and veggies coupled with lean proteins will keep blood sugar levels more even and eliminate the emotional hills and valleys that can be caused by fluctuating blood sugar levels.

Encouraging my clients to get out more, even if it is just to take a walk at the beach will help to get them feeling better. There is a significant amount of research that proves diet and exercise can be the best medicine for depression and anxiety disorders.

This week Aileen Brazeau posted on her blog some suggestions for dealing with depression in seniors which I think you will find quite helpful.
Click here to read what she has to say.


Valentina Boonstra

Massage Therapist, Senior Care, Pilates and exercise Instructor

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