Epsom saltsEpsom Salt, Val Healing

Has anyone ever told you that too much salt isn’t good for you? That may be true of some forms of table salt, but not all salts. They obviously didn’t know about Epsom salt. Epsom salt is a fine form of salt that is meant to dissolve in water and provide nutrients for your skin, as well as give you the feeling that you just emerged from a spa bath. Its initially made up of one huge rock compound called Epsonite.

A warm bath filled with Epsoms Salt right after a massage or strenuous activity will do several things for your body. First, it will soothe your sore muscles. Secondly, the Epsom salts will draw the toxins out of your body. Whenever you have a deep tissue massage, or you have been exercising, your musles will release stored up lactic acid and other toxins. If you leave those in your body, it will be absorbed back into you system and that defeats the purpose of the massage or exercise. So fill up the tub, throw in a little lavender or vanilla, soak for as long as the water stays warm, then rinse off and enjoy your evening, or the rest of your day!!




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