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 By Marsha Valutis, PhD

Guest Blogger


Marsha’s doctorate is in applied psychology. In 2010 she recovered from stage IV lymphoma using Soul Mind Body Medicine and Soul Power, and attributes her good health and well being to these practices.

The year was 2009 and it hadn’t been a good one. I had been suffering with severe depression for much of the year. When you suffer from such debilitating depression, it blurs the lines on what other factors may be affecting you.

I was depressed and also not feeling particularly well. When I finally sought help with a Physician, I was diagnosed with lymphoma. When it was determined to be at Stage IV, coupled with the depression, I have to admit my will to live was very weak. Honestly, I even hoped the cancer was terminal and would just take me away, but the doctors said it would be treatable with chemotherapy, so I was faced with the greatest challenge of all – how to heal when I wasn’t sure that wanted to! At the same time, I knew deep down that this was a calling for me.


It was during this time that I was introduced to the Soul Healing techniques of Dr.  & Master Zhi Gang Sha. I postponed chemotherapy and began to practice Soul Mind Body Medicine and Soul Power.


The teachings and practices of Soul Mind Body Medicine provide systematic ways to resolve the spiritual issues involved in our conditions, with simple, eloquent explanations of what is happening at the cellular level for any health condition, and easy, practical techniques for how it can be corrected at the soul, mind and body levels.


I learned that space between cells and organs is vital to maintain proper flow of chi and good health. Many things can interrupt this, including soul, mind and body blockages. Soul blockages involve karma lessons. Mind blockages involve mindsets, attitudes, beliefs, ego and attachments. Body blockages include energy and matter blockages. Regardless of what we may posit as a cause in our condition (e.g. virus causes flu), it comes down to cellular vibration and to what extent we are carrying soul, mind and body blockages that render our soul system more or less effective in dealing with what we encounter.

Chronic or life threatening conditions most certainly involve soul blockages. Our bodies are a soul system. Every soul we carry is with us for a reason. Every organ and cell has a soul (spirit), mind (consciousness) and body (energy and matter). Dr. Sha teaches to heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow. We heal the soul by nourishing it with love, forgiveness and opportunities to be of good service.

In a short time, I learned the basic principles and applied them toward healing my conditions. Within a few weeks of regular practice with this system, my depression lifted. Three and a half months later, after practicing forgiveness, chanting, singing Divine Soul Songs, doing soul movement and more, and the cancer cleared. To my doctor’s delight, I’ve remained free of the need for treatment for 3 years now. Perhaps most significantly, I continue to deepen my mastery of Soul Healing and am passionate about bringing these tools to others who can also benefit.

For more information about Marsha or the 8 week telecourse “Cancer Recovery with Soul Mind Body Medicine” call 321-749-1084; DrMarshaValutis@gmail.com and see www.CancerRecoverywithSoulMindBodyMedicine.com.

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