drumming and healthDrumming is an important musical tool in all cultures. You can look at ancient pictures in caves or other displays of historical art anywhere in the world and find something depicting a drum like tool being used in a spiritual ritual. I know a woman who has studied the history of drumming extensively and became good friends with expert drummers in our country. When we chatted a few months ago about the work she was doing, and as we talked I became more  intrigued and impressed with the sounds she could make with her drums. I also found it nice to hear she was working with children and elderly people who have memory issues. Recently, I was caring for my elderly friend who attends the Sara care in the daytime, my client told me with a gleeful look on her face, “wow we had the best time yesterday!” I said what did you do? She said “this woman came in with all these drums, we each got to use one and she started showing us how to play! Before you know it everyone participated and we made good sounds together! They rhythm was fantastic and could not believe that even though I had never played the drum before, it sounded so great. Even people who normally don’t respond too much were playing and enjoying and forgetting they had a memory issue ! We were in sync with something bigger than just us.” She understood that the vibrations of their drums sang to the ancients and the healing effects were far reaching.

The lady I’m talking about is an adorable Cajun woman who happened to be a teacher a mother of three and a dancer who loves music! She’s no fool and even her Parkinson’s and ALZ didn’t slow down her drumming. Thank you Sharan for being in the moment with all those dear souls at Sara care.

Valentina Boonstra

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