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Guest Blog by Julie Julie Klutinoty

“As the ancients have said, “You are as Young as your spine is Flexible”.

The spine and the joints attached directly to the spine all require strength and flexibility for optimal health. As well, the shoulder and hip joints play a big roll in allowing the spine to find ‘center’. Ease, free flowing yet strong – finding Balance within these components is essential for a strong healthy spine and center.

When you think about it, the spine really does have everything to do with how we feel on a daily basis. It not only effects how we move our body but it also has a strong relationship with our organs. In particular, the bowels are effected by the lumbar spine. The lumbar spine may be effected by different parts of the spine itself. This is a perfect example of how our body is innerconnected. It is not a unit of separateness, but it is an entire being functioning through many different pieces and components.

One of the best ways to create a strong, mobile and balanced spine is through the basic poses that are held steady for up to 10 breaths. One such pose or group of poses are forward bends. Allowing the spine to invert in a free flowing, weightless position is a great way to decompress the cervical spine and breathe fresh light, energy and love all the way down to your base. Allow your body to start in the basic forward bend and meet it wherever it is. Letting go of any attachment as to how deep you go in the pose. Breath in long, slow and steady and feel the fresh Chi moving into your entire body. On the exhale, take up to 8 counts with each exhalation and feel your deep supportive muscles become alive as you say, “haaaaaaaa” while releasing the air.

To balance the spine in movement, the counter poses are spinal extensions. Sphinx pose is a great pose to practice for back care, as it allows support to the low back. The position itself has many benefits to the spine but also serves to strengthen the rotator cuff while opening the Heart Center. Allow the breath to flow steadily through your body and work your way up to 10 breaths. It’s all relative, so don’t force your breath trying to achieve a number.

Flow, grace and ease are all attributes to a strong, balanced and vital spine. Start with the basics and grow into a full practice of poses which not only create balance in your center but a strong, Vital and Balanced Life.”

Thank you Julie,

Happy New Year

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