meditiation can help with Alz and dementiaAt Valhealing I have regular clients who are aging and require some care giving. During the time that I have been providing this service, some of those long time clients have begun to develop signs of Alzheimer’s and dementia. While there is now cure for either of these disease’s I have found through practical experience that there are practices I can implement that help stave off some of the degeneration for t least a time. Exercise is one, simply engaging my clients in every day activities that they may have gradually withdrawn from helps. Massage helps as well.

Alzheimer’s Disease has been roughly defined as the degeneration of the brain in seniors, who’s causes are unknown. Symptoms such as impaired thinking, disorientation and mood swings are prevalent. For over 20 years, a research and prevention foundation for Alzheimer’s was created and had been focused on the prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease. More recently, the foundation created a study including seniors who already exhibited memory issues. The findings of the study were quite encouraging. They revealed those who practiced daily meditation gained improvement in cognitive function.

Meditation does not only calm the nervous system, relax the body and bring clarity to thoughts, it also acts as exercise for the brain. Like the muscles of the body, the brain responds with regular stimulation and oxygenation. As is true for muscles, the contrast in patterning creates stimulation which strengthens the muscles and the brain. What stands out the most is that the meditation practice known as the Kirtan Kriya (from the Kundalini Yoga tradition) involves the body, as well as the mind. Thus, the right and the left sides of the brain are being exercised and the neurons which serve to receive and send the signals of touch and sound are being stimulated as well.

Regardless of your age or mental status, the statistics around meditation, quality of life and aging support the efforts in creating the time and space to include meditation in your daily or weekly routine. In fact, think of it as taking a daily vitamin for your mind, body and spirit.

Guest Blogger Julie Klutinoty



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