personal trainer, CNA, massage therapist, Palm Bay,Melbourne, IndialanticThe months of summer allow for flow and ease when we coordinate our energies with the energy of the sun. Though more intense in the summer , the sun can bring enlivening exercises and energies to us and our bodies that are not available during the fall and winter months. Capitalizing on the ebb and flow of the intensity of the sun can be useful in creating balance both physically and emotionally.

One activity that allows us to enjoy the light and energy of the summer without bringing too much intensity is Water Walking.  Designed originally as a form of physical therapy,  Water Walking combines the joy of being in water with physical exercise. The movement in water helps to maintain a healthy heart and joints, it is performed best in waist high water. No matter your physical condition, water walking can be a good form of exercise  for most any body and can be done early or later in the day.

As a form of cardiovascular exercise  water walking can be as simple as walking through the water fast or slow, forward and backward. Lateral movement and larger steps moving thru the ankles, knees and hips will create strength and integrity thru the lower extremities.

An added benefit to water walking is integrating arms and trunk movement.  Basic range of motion movements with the arms can increase the calories burned while intensifying the amount of cardiovascular exercise. Movements and exercises can be done for the shoulders and neck to address specific needs and goals. Because the water adds its own resistance, simply moving your body through the water offers its own unique benefit to the connective tissue and muscles of your body.

Explore various intensities to walking through the water and determine what is right for your body. Feeling a little muscle awareness after a water walking session is good.   This means you are causing your body to improve.

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