Help for Mom or Dad who may have Alzherimer;sThe role of a caregiver or caretaker, is not clearly defined. Merriam-Webster defines them as, “a person who gives help and protection to someone (such as a child, an old person, or someone who is sick)” and, “one that gives physical or emotional care and support.”

The scope of what is needed as one caring for another is limitless. One thing is for certain, patience, love and kindness are paramount – or at least they should be. Along with frustration, one who requires care from another has a spectrum of feelings and emotions. As well, this person has a myriad of needs which are ever changing.

If you have been in a situation where you required assistance in performing even the most basic task(s), you may have experienced some challenges. Depending upon the level of care required, chances are having someone near you with a friendly, loving smile and a kind heart helped you get through your day. As studies are illustrating more and more, being a caregiver places numerous demands on the one giving the care. Self care is just as important as providing care for another. In order to show up with a smile and open heart available to give, it is necessary to love, nurture and be kind to yourself.

Just remember, in the not too distant future it could be YOU who needs a care giver! So the cardinal rule, Treat others as you wish to be treated is the only way to go. When someone you are caring for is grumpy, or trying to act independent, say to yourself, how would I want another person to treat me? That is what I try to do. Every once in a while I find myself feeling impatient, but I take a deep breath, and move on.

Don’t forget, if you are not a professional caregiver, but a family member, let your siblings and your church know that you are tired, and you need some help. Men especially are reluctant to admit that they are tired and a little frayed around the edges.  You need some time for yourself, to recharge and keep your strength, so ask for help. Take time to meditate, walk on the beach, and exercise. If you don’t it is going to be you that needs a care giver!

When I take care of seniors, I use these tools to keep myself respectful and calm. I take the time to put myself in the shoes of my charges, and when they get grumpy or impatient, or take a moment to feel and I work thorough it all.

Care giving for those of us who do it for family, is a gift to those family members we care for. That gift should be appreciated by our other family members. But caregivers must also take care of themselves.

Valentina Boonstra

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