Diabetes is becoming more and more of a concern for people of all generations. There was a time when it was thought that only overweight, genetically pre-disposed people got diabetes, but years of eating processed foods, too much meat, antibiotics fed to the livestock and who knows what else..diabetes is a big issue. In fact, there are children who are suffering with diabetes as young as 12 years old. So, what are we to do?

Guest writer, David Burguet has put together some information for us, and his wife Caitlin has shared some of her most delicious recipes. I hope these help, check back for the next couple of weeks and read the entire series. You will enjoy it!

” Plant-based diet to control diabetes

By D.B. Burguet

 Diabetes is an unfortunately common disease in America that can shorten life expectancy and often cause severe pain.  The Mayo Clinic defines Diabetic Neuropathy as pain caused by nerve fiber damage, generally in the legs and feet.  This happens when high blood sugar damages nerve tissue.  

Being an avid omnivore, I can understand that the idea of switching to a strictly plant-based or “vegan” diet is not something easy to get excited about.  However, multiple sources have shown that a plant-based diet typically helps improve glycemic control.  If you’re worried about getting enough protein, don’t – for example; black beans have effectively the same amount of protein as beef!  

A recent study in “Nutritional Diabetes” illustrates how a plant-based diet, even over a period of only 20 weeks, can offer significant relief.  Study participants were asked to eat grains, vegetables, nuts, fruits, and legumes, and to limit fat intake to 20-30g per day.  Their findings were exciting: after 20 weeks 81% of the test group reported remission of burning pain and improved sense of touch. The remaining test subjects reported some symptomatic relief.  Other reported benefits included weight loss, lower blood sugar and pressure, and decreased need for blood pressure and blood sugar medication.  Go ahead; check out the actual study below!  Just remember to speak with your doctor before adjusting any medications. “

Valentina Boomstra


Dietary intervention for chronic diabetic neuropathy pain

Nutritional Diabetes. 2015 May; 5(5) e158. DOI 10.1038/Nutd.2015.8




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