val boonstra, massage therapist brevard countyAs a Massage Therapist and exercise coach I have learned so much about the body’s power to heal itself. It appears now that the mainstream health care industry is finally taking notice of those same things and bringing along research to better help people with chronic pain or disease.

The more scientists study the body the more they understand that it has its own methods of self healing. This brings about an interesting shift of philosophy that is proving to deliver medicine that works with the bodies healing abilities. This is opposed to typical Western methods of seek find and kill something or cut it out.
I recently saw the results of a company that is bringing this Philosophy of healing combined with cutting edge technologies to us. Okyanos Cell Therapy has developed a procedure that uses stem cells from a person’s own fat to create healing responses in their body.
The stem cells stored in fat are mature regenerative cells that heal and repair the body on a daily basis. They harvest the cells from the patient’s fat and redistribute these cells to areas in need of help. When they re -enter the body the healing cells go to work where they are needed and jump start the healing process.
The main benefits are a reduction of inflammation and facilitation of new growth of blood vessels as well as reduction of scar tissues. Furthermore they halt destructive immune response by modulating the immune system. The recharged cells attach themselves to damaged tissue and recruit other cells needed for tissue replacement or repair.

I am excited to see this astounding progress and will continue to notice improvements in my mutual patient. I am already impressed with how much better my massage client has improved with only one treatment by Okyanos. He informed me that the treatment continues to work long after the procedure has been given. I’ll keep you posted!

Valentina Boonstra

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