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I work with seniors and I work with bodies. Heat is good for certain things. If you back is sore, a heat pack can feel wonderful, but for Seniors over 80, heat is not their friend.  My own Mother can still feel cold to the touch , even when it’s over 80 degrees in her home.

I have to remind her to turn the air on, at least a little, and keep her shades closed. She is pretty diligent about drinking her water and herbal tea, but sometimes when she is busy, she forgets, and when it’s really hot out, it can be dangerous to her health.

Seniors, especially seniors who are not used to the hot weather have trouble sensing and reacting to rising temperatures. They are slow to begin sweating, and even once they do their bodies are not as good at letting heat out so their bodies can cool down.

If your senior person is not acting normal, you need to look closely and check for signs of dizziness, hot skin with little sweat, and a rapid pulse. they are in heat stroke. If they have an air conditioner, make sure they turn it on to at least 79. If they don’t, then try to get them to drink plenty of cool water, put cool clothes on their neck or head. A trip to the mall, or a movie theater can cool them down temporarily.

Have a talk with your Mom and Dad or  other loved ones when the heat starts rising and try your best to check up on them, or to have someone else check on them.

Valentina Boonstra

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