Massage therapy for  Fibromyalgia, for Seniors, for women

Fibromyalgia can cause pain anywhere and sometimes everywhere in your body. It is not a fund thing to live with. For some people every little touch can be agonizing. It’s not just pain, but fatigue and sleep disorders, headaches and anxiety.

There are studies which show massage can help people with Fibromyalgia, from the Massage

Massage for Fibromyalgia

There are many benefits of massage for fibromyalgia patients, and various types of massage, including myofascial release, Swedish and shiatsu have been indicated by research studies to help this clientele. Here are five of the benefits of massage for fibromyalgia patients:

  1. The first will be relaxation to improve sleep. Sessions in the evening will benefit the patient to allow better quality of sleep at night, thereby helping the body repair and rejuvenate at night more effectively.
  1. The second benefit is improved muscle tonicity. This benefit will aid lethargic muscles and help restore strength and vitality to your client’s body. Be sure to include more petrissage strokes to accomplish this goal.
  1. A third benefit will be to improve mental clarity. A relaxing session can raise healthy awareness and relieve mental stress. This can improve the client’s cognitive issues.
  1. Headache relief is the fourth benefit a fibromyalgia patient may receive. Improving blood flow to the brain can relieve the physical source of headache, while the relief received can further keep the person’s mind in a healthier space.
  1. A fifth benefit is diminishing the effects of any anxiety or depression. These effects include hormonal fluctuations, interference with appetite and chronic fight-or-flight mode. Massage can restore homeostasis of the body, thereby diminishing these effects. “

I have years of experience with pain management through massage, if you are suffering with Fibromyalgia give me a call and we will discuss how I can help you.


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