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I received a call from a concerned daughter about her Dad. She explained that her father was in a Rehab facility in order to help him regain strength after an illness. In addition to the symptoms of CHF , ( swelling of limbs) he was also showing signs of structural collapse.

When attempting to sit erect his head was completely shoved forward and if he attempted to stand  he could easily fall over. She asked me if there was anything I could do about strengthening  his neck. While I knew I could probably help, I felt a little sad, because the situation could have been prevented in the first place had he been doing  the right core and strengthening exercises. It was so tempting to say you should have found me 20 years ago.

But I have to remember all we have is here and now..we are here now and I was grateful that she took the time to research and find my website.  I set about explaining her Dad’s structural collapse  and I demonstrated some Qigong movements with him. Almost  immediately after he tried the Qigong he was able to hold his head up better and  stand  up a bit taller.
His daughter was so impressed that she hired me to come over and practice Qigong as well as  other stretching exercises with her dad three times a week. While I am positive these exercises will help him, his body will take time to feel the full effects of our workouts. But I am hopeful.

I’ll keep you posted  on our results. And Remember, none of us ever knows when an illness is going to strike, but the better our diet, the more exercise we do to keep our bodies strong, the better our chances for a good recovery from any type of illness.

I hope if something like this happens to an elder loved one of yours, you remember this post, and get them some help.


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