val boonstra, massage therapist brevard countyQuote from Tai chi and qi gong for dummies

“Some studies identify cynicism as our greatest health risk . 

Feeling chronically suspicious of the world around you triggers unhealthy stress responses.

Keeping an open mind and a relaxed posture as you practice will help you tune into your energetic nature.

Practicing your energetic clearing frequently will help you stay more present and more pleasant.”

Quote two

“Tai Sci

The Tao of Physics is a great book.  It  points out studies that have been done that show

How the modern sub atomic physicist’ view of reality is often very close to the views held by ancient chinese  mystics.

By going within themselves in Qi Gong meditation,these mystics somehow began to understand what modern physicist’ understand about the energetic nature of reality.”

Quote Three

Tai Chi. For dummies quote

“Sage Sifi says

Our thoughts direct energy, and once directed,it moves there without any effort on our part.

 Having our eyes closed while practicing allows us to experience this with in ourselves, to enjoy the cleansing release.

This is effortless.The light or Qi,moves with no effort.’Afteryou think the thought let it go,sit back and enjoy  your response.”


Some food for thought in the week ahead. Agree or disagree?


Valentina Boonstra


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