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There is an opiod epidemic in our country and I believe many of the people who get addicted to these pills do so because of chronic pain. More often than not it’s people with chronic back pain. The pain and immobility caused by back pain ad debilitating. People have to work, they have to take care of their children, they need relief from the constant pain so they can do these things. Pills, unfortunately, are not a good answer.

So what are the alternatives? I believe, from what I have learned over the past 30 years, that massage is one of the most effective sources of pain relief for chronic back pain. Cupping is also helpful for some and so is acupuncture. Sometimes doing all three is the most effective.

Let’s go back to massage. If your back pain occurs as a result of some physical activity and it’s not chronic, then often I can find the spot in your body where the pain is coming from and break up any deposits. Some stretching and heat will help as well. If the pain is chronic, then it is usually result of spasms caused by something impinging on the nerves. Regular massages and stretching will help with that as well.

HealthDay Reporter Cited a Study on chronic Back Pain:

By Gia Miller

“The new study sought to simulate real-world back pain and treatment. Researchers asked physicians to recommend massage for people with chronic back pain.

Just over 100 study volunteers were then paired with an approved, experienced massage therapist in their area who assessed the problem and created a treatment plan. The study participants received 10 treatments, which they set up directly with their therapist.

More than half of the participants had less pain after 12 weeks and many continued to report reduced pain after three months.

“These results are exciting because it shows that most doctors can refer their patients for massage as a treatment. It’s applicable to the real world,” said Elder.”

While I am pleased there are more studies being done that validate the good massage can do for pain, I know first hand what my clients tell me. And, what they tell their friends who, when in pain, make an appointment with me.

If yu are stressed, if you are in pain, or if you simply need to relax and you can’t get your body to unwind, give me a call.

Val Boonstra

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