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family exercising

I think it’s time we start a movement. I am going to call it the Family Exercise Plan.

In my previous post I mentioned the side effects of poor posture habits and what they can do to our bodies.  Last time I addressed the couch potato syndrome, and I would like to add to that today. Let’s take the dangers of couch surfing. In addition to the pelvis having lost its function and strength, the other side effect is felt in the mid back and neck area. The neck is designed to support the weight of the head, it is not designed to be sat on.

I wonder about the children these days who play hours of video games . Not only are they more sedentary ,they sit and play games in these  postures  that  will have debilitating effects as they’re growing.

They never have a chance to have a normal functioning spine. Coaches who work with children in gyms have reported to me that the children these days don’t even have the normal Curves in their spine and arches in their feet that are supposed to be developing as they’re growing.

If we have millions of people in our country that are already suffering from sedentary lifestyles ,but at least had a normal upbringing where they rode bikes and swam and played and did physical activities, what are the kids that are growing up now going to be feeling like in 20 years?

I would like to see parents have organized family workouts , once or twice a week they get together and discuss their body and the normal functions of their joints and stretch their muscles. This would make it more likely for the parents to even notice if the kids are having structural issues. Scoliosis and kyphosis are both issues that we can be help with stretching and strengthening as a child is growing.

Let’s start your family on a plan Now!

Valentina Boonstra

Massage Therapist


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