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When discussing Pilates, one of the areas it’s important to understand is your Iliopsoas.

The iliopsoas muscle is a long muscle which originates on the lumbar spine. It attaches into the pelvis and the top of the thigh bone. The maintenance of this muscle can have a significant impact in the care of the low back. 

The Pilates Method of exercise focuses on strengthening the body from the center outward while creating flexibility and balance. In fact, Pilates is one of the most effective tools available in addressing flexibility and issues of the spine. There are numerous exercises that involve the iliopsoas muscle and it’s relationship to the low back. One such exercise is called the Leg Circle.

Whether on the mat or on the Pilates Reformer, ‘supine leg circles’ directly address the hip joint, including the iliopsoas. When performed properly, ‘supine leg circles’ challenge the deep core by requiring the pelvis and spine to remain stable during movement. As the hip joint articulates, the iliopsoas finds fluidity. With the hip flexed and the thigh elevated, the circular motion of the hip’s ball and socket serve to release pressure through the pelvic girdle and the lumbar spine. As flexibility and stability increase, the larger range of motion of the circle continues to provide more and more ease through the muscles of the low back.

Regardless of age or condition, the Pilates Method of exercise offers a vast range of exercises that can keep the spine healthy, balanced and flexible throughout it’s life.

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