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Another Guest Post by Julie Klutinoty-

Yoga Nidra – a path to peaceful sleep

If you practice yoga, you are among over 20 million people, in the U.S. alone, stepping on and off ‘the mat’ on a regular basis. With a rich history over 5,000 years old, Yoga is to the 21st Century what Jane Fonda and ‘feel the burn’ were to the 20th Century. In a study sponsored by Yoga Journal Magazine in 2012, the number of yoga practitioners in the US is steadily increasing with another 40% of Americans placing it on their “to do” list.

Known across the globe in a variety of styles, Yoga has evolved into a healing modality which addresses a myriad of physical issues within the human condition. A variety gaining popularity in the US is, Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra, also known as ‘yogic sleep’ or sleep meditation, guides the participant into a deep state of relaxation. The biggest challenge when practicing Yoga Nidra, is not to fall asleep!

Yoga Nidra is a gateway to a state of elevated consciousness. Through verbal cues, practitioners are guided from the external world to their deep, most inner world. This variety of yoga works along with the natural biology of the body. In a Yoga Nidra class, the nervous system and the mind shift and blood pressure begins to balance. Anxiety dissipates and blood sugar begins to stabilize as Yoga Nidra transcends the effects of modern day living.

With studies showing 45 minutes of Yoga Nidra are equivalent to 3 hours of sleep, this is one yoga class you don’t want to miss. A class in Yoga Nidra offers a safe entrance into a practice which has the potential of reducing stress and anxiety while enhancing sleep.

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