essential oils for health and healingWhy aroma therapy? Well, let’s face it, with all the bad news surrounding prescription pain medication, and the unending list of side effects on commercials for every other type of medication, it’s not wonder we are all searching for effective relief from pain or symptoms without using drugs. One way people are finding relief is through essential oils and aroma therapy.

What is aroma therapy? 

Simply put it’s the use of the highly concentrated molecules distilled from the leaves, fruits, seeds and flowers of various plants to  become an essential oil. These oils are formulated in different combinations so as to warm the spirit, treat various symptoms and one of the best ways to eliminate stuffy odors indoors during the cold months,. I myself like doTerra Essential Oils. They have high standards for purity and their side mission is supporting women and families all over the world through the purchase of ingredients for their oils, and their charitable foundation.

They are already working with various hospitals throughout the United States to mist essential oils like Lemon or Orange within certain areas of the hospital. No one has ever liked the antiseptic smell of hospitals. It has been found that diffusing essential oils such as Lemon or Orange gives a clean, pleasant scent in the air without being overpowering. Its shown to help the hospital staff feel better, less stressed and it makes patients and visitors more comfortable as well.

Think about it?  How many times during the holidays do we go into stores, homes, and businesses and smell pine or cinnamon?  We already feel in the holiday spirit as those diffusing oils produce specific effects.

What type of oils help different ailments?

But what if you have no idea what oils to use?  Then just think of your specific need.  Are you needing more energy or your mood to be uplifted?  If you’ve ever cut into a fresh orange and suddenly felt a bit more energetic than using citrus oils would help you feel more energetic and uplifted.

Perhaps you need more relaxation in your day then think of when you’ve breathed in the scent of lavender from your soap or lotion and felt a sense of calm – you already know the effects of aroma therapy. 

Older adults who struggle with pain and stiffness from arthritis may find some relief by way of rosemary and lavender, both anti-inflammatory essential oils.  If you add in the essential oil of lemon it can relieve some problems associated with poor blood circulation.

Those living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia can benefit from the use of rosemary, peppermint and basil which serves as mental stimulants to improve concentration and alleviate cognitive strain. 

No matter how you incorporate it you can bring it into your routine during massage, while bathing, in compresses, as part of a hair and skin care regimen, as steam inhalations and in the form of vaporization. And it’s easy – when we enjoy a pleasant aroma, we breathe deeper and slower without consciously realizing it.

If you would like more information about how aroma therapy can help you, head to my doTerra page here on this site, or just give me a call.

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