meditiation can help with Alz and dementiaPath Towards a Healthy Spine

The ancient yogis tell us ‘we are as vital as our spine is flexible ‘. From a broad perspective one can see the spine representing the body center.
On a whole, the physical body heals itself from the ‘inside’ or ‘center’ outward. One can see this from the perspective of the Heart Center, acknowledging all dis ease and imbalances originate through the Emotional Body of the human form.
As the whole body system, organs included, begin to take part in a manifestation of discord and/or dis ease, the spine plays an integral role in the progression and outcome to follow. 
The spine houses the spinal chord surrounding the CNS, Central Nervous System, of the body. This is one of the physical body’s main control centers. It communicates with every organ in the body. The human spine, when healthy, moves in 3 planes of motion. Movement in each plane of motion has benefits to the body as a whole, but maintaining mobility over time enhances quality of life. The spine’s primary movement pattern is bending forward & backward, or flexion & extension.
Other movement patterns are lateral flexion, where the spine may bend to the right or left, and spinal rotation. Spinal rotation moves energy up and down the main energy channel of the body and is seen when there is a torque which results in a right or a left spiral of the spine.
Over time, depending on lifestyle, the spine will take on a particular position. Generally, this position is based upon predominant movement patterns which have occurred repetitively over time. In North American culture, this position is usually in a forward bend.
From birth, the human spine evolves into a fully mobile & flexible apparatus which plays an integral role in the overall health and function of a human being. Achieving a level of awareness and TLC (tender, loving, care) regarding one’s spine serves to provide an adequate vehicle to experience the exuberant ride of life‼️And, if that’s not motivating, conscious movement of the physical form can gift you with the ability to move forward through life in an upright position and to witness the magic of the stars overhead.

Julie Klutinoty

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