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Grief might live in the heart, but it affects the body, too, contributing to pain and tightness.   A loss can trigger an increased stress response, resulting in a tense, sore body, and high levels of physical, mental, and emotional strain. Grief massage is an extremely gentle and nurturing massage experience devoted to providing warmth, comfort, and care to grieving people.

Research reported in Science Daily found that receiving massage therapy for eight weeks after a loved one’s death helped them cope. “Eighteen people, aged from 34-78, who had lost a relative to cancer took part in the study. They all said the massages provided consolation, helping them to balance the need to grieve and the need to adapt to life after the loss of their relative,” the article noted.

In addition to the emotional fatigue and pain that is common for someone who is mourning, physical conditions such as headaches, body and joint aches, and insomnia also can be present during the grieving process. Releasing physical pain and tension with massage can not only help to make your body feel better, it also can be beneficial for improving your mental state.

When your body isn’t in pain and you feel better physically, your mental outlook on life can in turn lead toward a more positive nature. The same is true when your mind is clear.  Mental and physical health go hand-in-hand throughout your daily life, but it’s important to especially focus on both during the grieving process. The two can feed off of each other negatively if both aren’t addressed, or they both can work together to promote healing and rejuvenation. And, the power of massage can be a powerful tool for helping bring together a more harmonious state of mental and physical health.

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