Long before Essential Oils began to become popular, I used them in my practice to help people with pain, stress relief, and other ailments. Essential Oils can be a powerful alternative to over the counter medications, but you have to know how to use them properly and you have to make certain they are pure.

Over the years I have tried several different brands of essential oils, and I find that I personally like DoTerra Oils. In fact, I have a link to their site here on my site if you would like to purchase some.

One of the Oils I like for pain relief is Deep Blue. I use it on clients who are experiencing pain, and I mix it with the DoTerra Coconut Oil as it is a very powerful oil and can be too strong when applied directly.

I have also found that the Digest Zen oil, applied to the abdomen often helps my clients who are dealing with digestive issues.

For my clients who regularly have issues with their stomachs, I am looking forward to trying these:

doTERRA is now officially releasing Ginger Digestive Drops. This throat drop contains a blend of both Ginger and Lemon essential oil.

Ginger Oil  
Ginger essential oil is derived from the fresh rhizome of the ginger plant (the subterranean stalk of a plant that shoots out of the root system). Across the world and throughout history, the essential oil is best known as a digestive aid that helps to ease occasional indigestion and nausea. Although Ginger essential oil is great for these benefits, the Ginger lozenges provide a unique delivery system for this type of relief. The slow, consistent absorption of soothing chemical constituents, like alpha-zingiberene, facilitates a healthy gastrointestinal response from the body.*

Lemon Oil  
Lemon essential oil can also be used to support the digestive tract, but what’s especially interesting about Lemon essential oil is the antioxidant support it provides when taken internally.* This is due to the constituent limonene, which is present in high amounts in Lemon oil, as well as gamma-terpinene, which plays a role in slowing down the oxidation of certain fats. Antioxidants neutralize harmful molecules in our cells called free radicals. These free radicals are formed by the body’s normal metabolic process. Our body is constantly metabolizing, which means that antioxidant support can benefit our cells day after day.


The combination of Ginger and Lemon essential oil that you receive from this unique throat drop provides targeted benefits to your body at the cellular level. With the convenient packaging of Ginger Digestive Drops, their benefits are easily accessible on the go, after meals, or anytime you need a little extra digestive or antioxidant support.* ”

Check out my Essential Oils page here on my website, feel free to sign up to order products you think might help, or to ask me about them.

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