Guest Post today by Julie Kutinoty

Traveling to various cities, states and continents is a wonderful way to experience unique and different cultures, climates, and terrains. To be properly prepared, there are many details to consider. One of these details being altitude.

For many years I have heard of oxygen therapy and have seen ‘oxygen bars’ while traveling. During my recent travels to Santa Fe, New Mexico, I was reminded that I would be traveling to the ‘high desert’ and Santa Fe resides at over 7,000 feet altitude. I had not had the opportunity to focus on cardiovascular training and had not been as physically active as usual since caring for my mother and her affairs after her passing. Nor did I realize that Santa Fe is the 3rd highest city in the United States.

Whether you have experienced altitude sickness or not, the truth is it can be unpredictable. (This coming from someone who successfully hiked up Half Dome with no preparation at all!). There are many variables involved and just as many, if not more, remedies easily available today. One of which is Oxygen Therapy.

Thankfully for me, traveling from sea level to over 7,000 feet altitude brought an awareness to ‘being’ in a different altitude but not an illness. An altitude where the air is thinner and, coupled with the high desert terrain, the air is drier. Hydration was my first concern and after the water was flowing, I decided to set out for some O2!

There is nothing new about Oxygen Treatments and Oxygen Therapy. In the early 1900s, a form of oxygen therapy called ‘hyperbaric’ was used with divers to remedy decompression illness.

Scientists found the bloodstream is saturated with oxygen when a pressurized chamber is used. Today, Hyperbaric Therapy is becoming very popular as a treatment for various issues including stroke (my grandfather used hyperbaric treatments in the mid-’90s to alleviate symptoms from a stroke), embolisms, crush injuries, and healing of infections with diabetics, and more.

Oxygen treatments have made their way into the mainstream, especially in areas of high elevation. 

Oxygen Bars and Lounges are used by athletes and seniors as well as those seeking relief from altitude-related issues. Oxygen Lounge treatments vary from 15 to 20 minutes for first-timers all the way up to 60 minutes. The Lounge environment offers a unique way to spend the time spent ‘under oxygen’. There are usually options of reclining in Zero Gravity chairs, sitting in lounge chairs, or just sitting at a table playing games. In most Oxygen Lounges, you can also experience the added benefit of being treated with CBD enhanced oxygen. The benefits of CBD are many; pain reduction, anti-stress, and heightened relaxation are just a few. Even at sea level, there are benefits to be had from Oxygen Treatments. Whether chronic fatigue or pain, healing from an illness or feeling overstressed, a little O2 goes a long way.””

Thank you Julie for another informative blog post!.

I, Valentina Boonstra, have had the good fortune to get to know the owner of an Oxygen Bar here in Brevard County. Go see Ali Magnum and tell her Val sent you. I can personally attest that her oxygen treatments help. Even at below sea level here in Melbourne.


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