My friend, Audra Irwin is a Life Coach. I have known her for several years and although we don’t see each other that often these days, we do keep in touch. I have a standing invitation for all the people in my life who inspire me to contribute to my blog. Audra sent me this prayer. It is one that reminds us to be thankful and remember, each day, as we sometimes go through tough times, there are still things to be thankful for.


Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the breath of heaven. I inhale the sweetness of all your divine creations and exhale anything not aligned to your highest truth.

God, I praise this day for the beauty it brings and my presence and awareness to the gift of your presence that guides me throughout its unfolding.

Thank you for expanding my heart so that I may radiate the pure joy born of your divine intention.

Lord give me new clarity and deeper levels of understanding as I approach this day. Elevate my mind to default to exceedingly far greater possibilities than previously considered.

Let me walk fully aligned in confidence and victory for the eternalness that I AM.

I give thanks for your loving hand that touches all things on my behalf.

In Jesus name.


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I have been a personal trainer and massage therapist for many years now. My specialty is getting people moving again. I have learned through the years that preventing injuries is as important as relieving pain after an injury. To that end, I have also learned Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Pilates.