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Feeling stressed this summer? Perhaps you should consider taking some time for yourself to de-stress and focus on your health for a little while. Stressful situations tend to compound and ignoring your body’s physical need to decompress and relax can make things far more painful for you in the long run.  What better way to relax and unwind than with a massage?

There are many benefits to managing stress with massage therapy, but here are my three favorite reasons to treat yourself to a soothing massage. 

You Deserve That You Time

Taking the time to focus on you–and only you–is critical to creating the best you possible. Those who choose not to take time for themselves to engage in relaxing hobbies and activities like listening to music or meditating showed a significant decrease in well-being scores. A massage therapy session is all about you, and it is one of the more highly recommended ways to give yourself the you-time you deserve.

It’s a Heart Healthy Form of Relaxation

We know that our heart is a complex, beautiful muscle that keeps your body and brain in tune. Unfortunately, your heart is also highly susceptible to stress and anxiety. Managing stress is not only good for your heart, but the ways in which you choose to manage stress can benefit your overall heart health. One of the best ways to manage your risk of heart disease is to reduce stress levels through self-love activities like massage therapy.

Stress Ages Your Appearance

Have you ever seen someone’s skin change during times of high stress? It should be no surprise that the natural glow that healthy skin exhibits comes under some pretty heavy fire when things are stressful. Stress has been shown to trigger acne flare-ups, spur on psoriasis, and assist in developing premature and more severe wrinkles. Not only does your skin benefit from the reduction in stress through massage therapies, but your mood will also be improved, and that burst of positivity will make your skin radiant.

I know that when my clients get through having a few sessions with me, they are relaxed, not experiencing pain and feeling better. Massage helps, if you’re still not sure, just give me a call and see for yourself.

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