Have you ever gone through your morning routine, only to get to work and realize that your brain is still asleep? Having your brain lag behind can make it difficult to focus, maintain energy, and stay productive throughout the day. If you want to be as efficient as possible and crush your day, it’s very important to start your day in a way that primes your brain for success rather than drains it.

Sometimes all your brain needs is a drink to get it going. The following drinks will all give your brain that extra boost it needs to start pumping.

  1. Chai. This tea infused with a variety of spices and blended with milk or a non-dairy milk substitute will awaken your senses and your brain.
  2. Kombucha. In addition to the multiple health benefits of this unusual drink, it is primarily a detoxifier for the body. It also gets your brain pumping pretty quickly.
  3. Water. Staying hydrated benefits your body and brain by keeping you detoxified and oxygenated, so drink plenty of water for a brain boost.
  4. Matcha. This stone-ground, powdered form of green tea is a super-concentrated version of the green tea that comes in tea bags and provides a super blast for your brain.
  5. Caffeine. As this study indicates, a little caffeine may be beneficial to your brain, so have that cup of coffee when your brain feels a little sluggish.
  6. Kava kava. Long used in the South Pacific, kava kava is reported to induce both brain stimulation and anxiety reduction.
  7. Smoothies. A simple brain-boosting smoothie with fresh fruits and yogurt or a bit of protein powder will have your brain working again in no time.
  8. Ginkgo biloba tea. Ginkgo biloba tea helps promote blood flow, memory, and mental alertness.
  9. Ginseng tea. Tea made from the ginseng root provides better mental acuity as well as boosts blood circulation, reduces fatigue, and a host of other benefits.

I just hear about a study which shows that skim milk is a better source of hydration than water. If you need an extra boost in the morning, then perhaps a good cup of coffee coupled with some skim milk could be just the thing you need to keep your mind free of those cobwebs we all have in the morning on certain days. For some of my friends, coffee is a must, for others, a good Chai Latte does the trick. Whatever works for you, just make certain you start your day off right, and no matter what comes your way, your brain will be ready and able to help you do your best.

Valentina Boonstra

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