Group Of Seniors Enjoying Fitness Class In Retirement Home

In the past year or so, I have begun working at the SarahCare center in Melbourne, Fl. I met the owners of SarahCare a few years ago, and from time to time I would visit the center and keep in touch. I enjoy them and I really enjoy meeting all of the good people who come there each day.

As of last week, I have started to work with SarahCare three days a week helping to manage their participants’ entertainment and care.

I have always enjoyed whatever work I’ve done with SarahCare but recently, now that I’ve been working consistently with the participants, I realize how much care we actually put into our friends. At SaraCare, we make an effort to keep them stimulated with interesting conversations, music, and games to play. We also make sure that their nutritional needs are met and that their prescriptions are taken on time. Some of our participants require help with bathing or grooming and SarahCare also helps with that.

The work we do not only keeps our participants safe while their family members have to do other activities or work. We also encourage them to stay strong and slow the decline whatever issue they’re battling against. One of our participants would not leave her wheelchair when she first started with us. Now she only uses her wheelchair to come in and out of the facility and she uses her walker all throughout the day. We encourage her to do the exercise classes and also help her remember to stand and walk right as she’s approaching getting in and out of a chair.

Simple things like taking the time to help someone position themselves properly and to move better can increase their quality of life. Which in turn makes it easier to live in the body that they’re in. If someone has had a stroke or an injury or is dealing with a neurological issue we can’t necessarily make all those issues go away, but we can work with the person to help them re-orientate their movement in a way that is helpful as opposed to rapidly feeling weaker.

I know from the thank you letters and recommendations that we get from the family of our participants that we’re doing a good job and I feel good about being part of the SarahCare team.

Valentina Boonstra

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