Sometimes I experience a memory that I am amazed I can recall because I was so young when the event occurred.

It’s funny how we, as humans, have some insignificant moment pop into our minds over and over. Yet there’s times we can’t even remember why we walked from one room to the other.

I have this memory of being about 4 years old playing in the yard with my friends. Our play time was interrupted when the other children’s mothers called them inside because it was time to take a nap.

I went to my mother and asked what are naps and why do my friends have to go take a nap everyday? She said something to the effect of maybe it’s just time for them to rest awhile. I remember saying “well I don’t want to have to take a nap, I’m glad you don’t make me take a nap”.  My Mom said “okay, you don’t have to take a nap. Just come on in the house, I have nice,  warm cookies fresh out of the oven”. So I sat , had a snack and then she asked if I wanted to come sit on her lap and look out the window. 

My mother had a rocking chair in just about every room in the house so I climbed up on her lap and she rocked me gently while I cuddled with her. Of course I fell asleep as I lay there listening to her heartbeat as  she gently  rocked me.

I was her last baby and she probably was enjoying the last few minutes of my babyhood. I was enjoying the comfort of sitting on my mother’s lap. Of course I thought it was so cool that I didn’t have to take a nap.

There is a saying about teenagers  to 20ish aged people thinking their parents are pretty dumb, but suddenly realizing how smart they are when they pass those ages.

It was many years later I realized my mother was smart enough not to argue with me about taking a nap. She just offered me a sweet, homemade treat and let me fall asleep in her lap.

My mother is 91 now and I like to sit her on my lap and rock her . I do  have lots of respect for her and enjoy spoiling her with affection and yummy foods. My sisters go out of their way to provide whatever she needs while still enjoying her independence. My brother checks in with her every day, and so do her nieces and nephews.

She is lucky to have devoted children and we’re lucky to have had a mother that did everything she could to make our lives nice. I’m glad she living  long enough for us to serve her and enjoy her. Counting my blessings today.

Valentina Boonstra

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