I had a wise friend who once told me, ” I do what God puts in front of me, Val”.  I have often felt like my life and my work was my own personal ministry. I look for signs of what I should be learning that day, and I try to notice the God nudge. That is how I describe the sensation I get that prompts me to act on a situation.  While I am working at Sarah Care, I find ways to discuss things that can be interesting with the folks who attend and share some insight. I often remind them that as we age, we may not be able to do things that we use to, but it does not mean we cannot do something. In the past we would make a particular meal or sew something or spend money on someone to let people know we love them. Perhaps that is not an option anymore, but we can pray for our loved ones. We can think happy thoughts and send loving energy. Thought is energy and can be directed with purpose. We have an exercise class that includes Qi Gong. After we perform our qi gong I have them make an energy ball in their hands and then we push it into our heart to fill It with love. Next, we throw it out to the world with directions. Such as a friend we have who might be hurting or to the fire fighters on the West Coast or storm victims in the southeast. We see them receiving our love and smiling or healed. Yesterday, after class, we were having a chat and I mentioned to a young participant how I admired his enthusiasm during our work out and prayer time. This man was nearly killed in a car accident at 21 years old and as a result, he is now confined to a wheel chair full time. He is probably in his 30s now. He speaks with difficulty, cannot move his legs or trunk, and can only really use one arm. But none of that stops him. He waves that good arm and sings loudly and knows every word of any song we play. I asked him, how do you stay so positive and enthusiastic? The room was noticeably quiet as he answered. His answer was this. I stay positive because I got a second chance! I get to share love with Jesus and spread love all over. then he waved his long arm out over all of us. The entire room took a collective breath, or maybe it was a gasp all at once. We shared one breath, one sigh of agreement and amazement at the truth we just heard.  Truth can make a pause happen as people ponder it, take it in and absorb the feeling it gives. Then, all at once everyone in the room looked at him and said we love you Chris! Then he loudly pronounced that he loved all of us, we all shed some tears. You could tell that everyone was feeling overwhelmed by the love he had showered upon us. It was an enormously powerful example of being in the moment and doing what God puts in front of us. Valentina Boonstra  
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