I love being a massage therapist. Massage therapy has been my career for many years now, and it never fails that I learn something new.

I am an independent practitioner. My clients do not always purchase monthly packages in advance with set appointment times. There are times when people see me only when they are in pain which can be several weeks in a row, or just a few times a year. Some of my clients get a massage once a month and some see me once a week. When and how often a client wishes to get a massage is totally their call.

How often I see them primarily depends upon how the client sees me fitting into their wellness program. I recently had a situation where a client had an epiphany when I was working on him. Usually when I work on him, he either had a specific thing going on like low back pain or hurt from his work out. At this session, he did not mention any issues.

When I am working on someone and they do not have specific area they want worked on, or pain to deal with, I usually work on their tendons in their forearms and their lower legs. These are areas which in general require a little more time and attention to detail.

When I started working on his elbow area, he mentioned to me that he been experiencing pain in there and had not really thought of it till I started working on his forearms. He was glad that I was tending to it. After his massage, we did some stretches and iced the area. He was amazed at how much better his forearm felt. He was pleased to have relief from his elbow pain.

After his massage he mentioned how lucky he was to have someone help him with maintaining a pain-free body. Having regular massages can help you identify areas before they are cause dysfunction. It makes it easier to prevent and release pain then to come in once it descends into a really painful cycle.

I could see he saw the value of my work in a new way and I am looking forward to helping him stay well.

Valentina Boonstra

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