Well, I have been in business for over 35 years now and even though this year went by fast it was one of the strangest ones I’ve ever lived through.

It’s been hard to not be able to get together for family gatherings and I have not seen some of my clients since March. It seems that everyone is either under financial stress or stress from isolation and sometimes both. Plus some families are dealing with trying to parent their children during the school hours when they normally would have been working. Harder still is those parents who are having to work outside of the home, while their children are home.

When I work in people’s homes I wear my mask and I make sure to wash my hands thoroughly. I also keep sanitizer in my car for before and after I enter their house. After each massage I wipe down my table with disinfectant. If at all possible, I try not to make more than two or three appointments in one day. A couple of days a week I also work at Sarahcare where are we are constantly spraying and cleaning and wiping and washing.

So far at Sarahcare, we’ve been fortunate. Both the participants and the staff have all remained healthy. I hope and pray that we can continue to avoid falling ill. My hope is that this virus will die down soon, although that doesn’t seem to be the case. Nonetheless, it’s good to know vaccines are being made available soon.

Hopefully things will normalize more. One of the good things about this happening is it has made people more aware about personal hygiene. Many measures, such as dividers in stores and wearing masks are now in place.

  I think people are more aware about washing their hands and being careful how they handle things.So maybe that will slow down flus and colds in the future. I’m going to do my best to stay healthy and I hope you will for yourself and your family. 


Valentina Boonstra

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