Massage Therapy

Why do people get a massage? Most of the time it is to feel better. Sometimes it is because they are tense. If I am working on an athlete, it is usually to help them get limber before an event. Then to help them get rid of the lactic acid in their system that comes from athletic competition.

After surgery, massage therapy can help with healing and the congestion caused by a surgeon cutting into your body. Post-surgery, it is not uncommon for people to experience swelling in their arms or legs. If left untreated that swelling will cause pain and sometimes permanent damage. Massage can help to get the swelling down and restore a healthier circulation to those areas.

Even if your body has not experienced the trauma of a major surgery, any event, be it emotional or physical, will cause a release of toxins into your system. For example, during COVID lockdown, most of us are experiencing higher levels of stress than we might normally. For single parents who are trying to work and educate children at the same time, the stress levels can be extremely high. All that stress will settle into our bodies and just fester there. The only way to get rid of it is to address it.

 Massage can help, talk therapy can help, asking for help from family and close friends can also help. Those toxins from stress do not go away on their own. Taking walks, bike rides and working out are also ways to release the build up of stress in our bodies. For parents of children, just getting them outside to run and play, and playing with them outside can help.

For many of my clients, activity is the key to controlling stress, and massage therapy is the one thing that helps to remove those toxins from their system once and for all.

Valentina Boonstra