Crone Stories – Alice

I first met Alice when I started massaging her daughter. Sue, her daughter, was about to have Alice move in with her. Alice had suffered a stroke which had incapacitated her a few years before and she had a live-in caretaker.

 She was happy to be with her daughter and grandkids. Alice went to Sarah Care in the daytime, and I would pick her up in the afternoon. Some days we would go to the movies, other days we went to the park. I love Gleason Park because there is a bench nearby all the way around the pond, providing a rest spot if either of us got a little tired.

 We would bring dog food pellets and feed them to the turtles as we stood on the deck, The turtles would come swimming up and poke their little heads up at us! We even named the ones that lived in the back of the park in holes Fred and Sally.

Alice was from Baton Rouge, and she spoke with a lovely southern accent. She was so much fun to be around! People young and old gravitated to her wherever we went. She would always comment to the kids and moms strolling in the park and the dogs all got a petting and hello visit. I never saw her be rude to anyone.

Before she retired Alice had been a schoolteacher. She was intelligent, kind and so are her children.  One of the things I admire the most about her is that she never complained. She didn’t complain about having Parkinson’s. She didn’t complain about having to live with family. She just kind of went along to get along and had the best attitude.

On the days when we went to the park, she was always willing to try new exercises.  She would do 23 pushups in a row on this little A-frame that we used to work out on in the park.

One of our favorite places to visit was Dijon’s in Melbourne Beach. They always have a piano player at 6 in the evening, so after our trip to the park sometimes we go over to Dijon’s, sit at the piano bar and request her favorite songs. Her family liked to brag about her skills with the stock market. She had a sister who was a nun and when she went to visit her, they were working on getting a bake sale together to raise funds. Alice said oh I can help you do better than that! She showed them how to work the stock market and they made more money than they ever had made before and didn’t need to have bake sales or rummage sales after that.

We would go visit Leu Garden sometimes, and she knew the name of all the plants. It always tickled me to hear her call off the names of various plants. She had interesting family and friends as well she had family members who were pretty special.

I miss Alice. She has been gone for a while now. In fact, all of my Crones are gone now. They were all strong, brave women. Multi talented and mostly very gracious people who had been through a lot, but who always had compassion and kindness for animals or people, and sometimes both.

Valentina Boonstra

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