Over the years, I have shared with you my many stories about the experiences I have had with clients in massage and caregiving. I often joke that my best accomplishment has been going this long with out having to have a job.

I have always worked on my own terms, in my own business. Several years ago, I came across SarahCare and for the past last two years I have been helping out there. I am kind of a jack of all trades. I work as a caregiver/entertainer/ exercise instructor and social networking with my friends at SarahCare.

We have a very special team. All of our staff are very connected to our families. Maybe that’s why we feel like sisters that work together. The owners and staff have taught me so much about the issues our participants have . They have demonstrated kindness on days it didn’t come easy, no matter what the difficulty, they remained loving.

Most appreciated of all, is they are loving to me too! When I am there, I have to opportunity to do my thing to help keep the people who come to SarahCare happy and entertained. It’s understood I bring a lot to the table and always try to learn more and improve my caregiving skills. Every one of our participants have different issues. Even if they have the same diagnosis!

Every day is a challenge to know what to say to them or how to handle things when we realize their needs are changing. Recently we have accepted some adult children with special needs. I am amazed at how the “kids” bring out the joy in the elderly! Recently we had a new lady in her 80s with memory issues attend our classes. Her daughter was worried that she wouldn’t feel ok about coming when she can’t remember people. I explained that when she arrives and we remember her and dance and sing with her she will feel comfortable. Sure enough that is what exactly happened.

Every day I see examples of the magic of love, joy and compassion for ones fellow humans. I’m glad we can be helpful to families who struggle with the big job of caretaking. We hope to lighten your load.

Valentina Boonstra

Massage Therapist

Care Giver

valentina boonstra massage therapist