Testimonial – June Chaplin

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The other day someone told me she thought I was in my fifties. I am actually 79, pushing 80!

“It’s the way you move” she said.

Thank you, Valentina, I said to myself.

I admit it, when I first knew Valentina, I ignored her good advice-after all, I walked the beach and swam some-wasn’t that good enough? I was tired, I was achy. I was lazy. All I wanted from her were her awesome massages. I thought that was all I needed.

That was twenty years ago. Valentina finally coaxed me into using a foam roller for my aching back. It turns out it helped.  A lot.

She suggested some postural changes and some stretches. They helped. A lot.

Well, I thought, maybe I should listen to her about the exercise thing. So, I did. Her recommendations were exactly the right thing for me at the right time. With her encouragement I kept at it. My body began to change in very nice ways. I became stronger, more flexible. I had more energy. And thanks to her massages, I no longer ached.

I moved away from Florida for a few years, and without Valentina’s care and encouragement, I fell off my workout and massage routine. I got older and weaker, and I ached a lot.

Now I am back in Florida and under Valentina’s care once again. I feel good for my age and people say I look a whole lot younger. Valentina got me started on an exercise program that is just right for me in the older (late seventies) phase of my life. I happily receive her wonderful massages that help keep the aches of aging at bay.

She helps me with doctor appointments, makes sure I eat well. Her joyful spirit helps keep my own spirits up. Valentina has changed my life for the better-twice.

Thank you, Valentina.