I was speaking to one of the ladies I help with caregiving for her family. When I speak to her, I try to validate the good things I know she did in her life.

I intentionally remind her of the love she  poured into her work and family, and how that  love she poured out in turn went on to flow into others.

We know that love is not simply a thing, a noun, but it is an action. Love is infinite. It is a Verb. Love is a living entity.

Thats why we say God is love. When we intentionally flow love it does not stop, it can travel far and wide. We feel better when we are bathed in love and acceptance, and it’s truly the only thing we all want.

I find that the more I give it the more I get love. They say what you put out into the universe is what you will get in return. I believe that is especially true with love.


Valentina Boonstra

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