massage can be different for people of each stage in life

Massage Can Be Different for Each of Us. Is that really true? Does every massage have to begin with a person lying face down on my massage table and me standing over them. The answer is NO.

Recently I was struggling with how to help my elderly massage client who lives in a small room in a facility. I cannot fit my table in the room and working on her crinkly hospital style bed isn’t easy either.

 She has a chair with a control device to lift or lower her. I removed her slacks and placed her in her chair. I raised her legs as high as was comfortable for her and sat at her feet to work on them.

I then worked on her swollen legs using carefully applied strokes that pushed fluids back into her trunk area. I then lifted her legs, individually, and shook them gently. She sighed with relief and told me I did a good job.

In the past I would have worried. I didn’t do much with her upper body besides her hands. But guess what? She felt better and expressed her happiness that her legs felt lighter and less congested. I spent 70 minutes taking care of her and she felt better. I did what she needed right then.

I didn’t feel that I had to hold onto a specific recipe of massage techniques more than trusting myself to be in harmony with her needs in that present moment. When I was a younger, less experienced therapist I would have tried harder to do the RIGHT things in the right way.

 I appreciate that young enthusiastic girl, she did the best she could, and now she is an old crone who follows her knowledge and wisdom.


Valentina Boonstra