The Difference Between Yoga and Pilates

From time to time, my friend Julie Klutinoty shares some of her experience and expertise with us. Today, she is examining the differences between Pilates and Yoga.  As a Certified Pilates and Yoga Teacher for over 30 years, one of the most common questions I find myself answering is, “What is … Read more about The Difference Between Yoga and Pilates

The Pilates Method

Today, our post has been written by Julie Klutinoty. Julie has been training and giving classes in Yoga and Pilates for years. In fact, we started working together in both of these disciplines for a number of years. This post is about Pilates, what it is and the history of it, and how it can help … Read more about The Pilates Method

Audra Irwin, Life Coach

My friend, Audra Irwin is a Life Coach. I have known her for several years and although we don't see each other that often these days, we do keep in touch. I have a standing invitation for all the people in my life who inspire me to contribute to my blog. Audra sent me this prayer. It is one that … Read more about Audra Irwin, Life Coach

The Oxygen Apothecary

Guest Post today by Julie kKutinoty Traveling to various cities, states and continents is a wonderful way to experience unique and different cultures, climates and terrains. To be properly prepared, there are many details to consider. One of these details being altitude. For many years I have … Read more about The Oxygen Apothecary

Healing With Essential Oils

Long before Essential Oils began to become popular, I used them in my practice to help people with pain, stress relief, and other ailments. Essential Oils can be a powerful alternative to over the counter medications, but you have to know how to use them properly and you have to make certain they … Read more about Healing With Essential Oils

Is Your Home Safe For Aging In Place ?

Guest post today from Harry Cline. Thank you, Harry, for sharing your insights with us. Most seniors want to age in place, but few of them live in homes suited to the needs of aging owners. Living in a home that doesn’t meet your needs is more than an inconvenience — it can also put your health … Read more about Is Your Home Safe For Aging In Place ?