Infant Massage

Just as I was completing Massage school, a class became available for infant massage. As I had several friends at the time  who were having pregnant, I decided to take the class. I felt if massage can be beneficial to adults, it must be good for babies as well. I knew how deeply touch could affect … Read more about Infant Massage

Food Singing Intimacy

I had an experience I am calling Food Singing Intimacy and shortly you will know why. While I was out running some errands one day, the smell of pizza wafted out of the door next to the store I was shopping in. Hmmm, I said to myself… The smell was making me hungry, was it  Lunchtime? Grabbing a … Read more about Food Singing Intimacy


In 2006 I ran a small Pilate’s studio in Melbourne Beach. One fine day Norman walked into my place for a work out and to have a massage session. His daughter had recently helped him move here from California. Norman was ninety years old and she wanted me to help him with his balance through exercise … Read more about Norman