Small Acts of Kindness

There are plenty of problems and issues to go around these days. From pandemics to Grandparents raising Grandchildren, to people who are caretakers for their parents. It can be overwhelming to say the least. I have been working with Sarah Care in Melbourne for a few years now, and I understand … Read more about Small Acts of Kindness

Remembering Special Times

Every career has its perks, and massage is certainly one that has plenty of them. I have worked with many of my clients for years and years, and now I am working on their children and in some cases, Grandchildren. … Read more about Remembering Special Times

Safe Exercising for Seniors

Thirty years of experience has taught me that exercise or the lack of it, has everything to do with how one ages.People who practice mindful movement,whether dancing. or household chores or exercise classes.will be more fit and recover faster from health issues. the more we use our bodies the longer … Read more about Safe Exercising for Seniors

The Benefits of Tai Chi for Seniors

Tai Chi for Seniors Valhealing Tai Chi is a series of gentle, sooth movements that will cause muscle groups from all areas of your body to engage. It is low impact and works not only to stretch and energize your body, but also to calm the mind. Tai Chi is a series of 19 movements and you move … Read more about The Benefits of Tai Chi for Seniors

Good Bye Glo

  Good bye Glo One of the benefits of being a self employed massage therapist  is that I can pick and choose who I want to work on. The result of that freedom is I have clients that I have been with for years,  and with whom I share profound respect and friendship. One of these special … Read more about Good Bye Glo

Exercise and Maintaining a Healthy Life Style

As a trained Pilates Instructor, a Licensed Massaged Therapist and CNA, I know first had the benefits of exercise.I first began investigating the benefits of exercise as a means to help my regular massage clients live a more pain free life. Through that journey I have learned that it is not that … Read more about Exercise and Maintaining a Healthy Life Style

Alzheimer’s or Something Else?

Does My Mom Have Alzheimers? Your Mom is beginning to repeat things, she is not walking as well. As we age some of us start to feel more forgetful, and for those of us who have had a family member who suffered from Alzheimer’s or Dementia, it is particularly worrisome. However, memory problems … Read more about Alzheimer’s or Something Else?

Caring for Ourselves !

Sometimes  those of us who are caregivers we take such good care of others, that we break down.  But it is important that we remember this: The Care and Feeding of a Senior starts at the Heart. We are an aging population of  55 and over. Regardless of age, good health and vitality begin from the … Read more about Caring for Ourselves !

Eating Well for Good Health

I have conducted my practice for years using the most holisitic methods I am able to find to hep my friends, family and customers stay healthy and strong. I have seen many of these people for up to 20 years, and those who work with me, train with me and listen to my advice stay healthier much longer … Read more about Eating Well for Good Health

Hot Flash Help

As someone who is in the beginning stages of heat flashes, some symptoms of menopause have snuck up on me. As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Instructor and Personal Trainer, I have always come at things from a holistic point of view. Preferring nature’s remedies to those of western medicine. Not that … Read more about Hot Flash Help