Caregiver for Post Operative Recovery

I have been working with bodies for so long now, and I am well-known here  in Brevard County, and when there is a situation involving pain of surgery, my people often call on me for more than massage work. I also help some of these clients as they are  preparing for or recovering from … Read more about Caregiver for Post Operative Recovery

Why Is My Gluteus Maximus in Pain?

People will ask me, "Val, why do the tendons in my butt hurt"?  There could be several reasons, but let's start with the most straightforward one.  If you ask someone who does yoga they would explain how the hips shorten and tighten. Through lack of exercise and movement, most of … Read more about Why Is My Gluteus Maximus in Pain?

Massage, Kangen Water and Medication Management

    I have written here several times about becoming a Caretaker for my aging Mom. In case you haven't read the previous posts, let me fill you in a bit. Around 2002 she moved from my house into an apartment in Vero Beach and for the first time in her entire life, she was on … Read more about Massage, Kangen Water and Medication Management

Caregiving for Momma

It's dark, I am wandering down a hallway , I am cold and the floor is icy slippery.  Suddenly, I am accosted and thrown into a room where I am forced to fight off these mutable demons that are lashing  out at me. I raise my sword to fight them off, but it's heavy and I can hardly lift it. … Read more about Caregiving for Momma

Moving Is Important

I see it in myself, I see it in others. There is a saying that goe something like this, move it or lose it. And if we don't move it, then we lose it. Our society is increasingly sedentary, and even people like me, who have always been active, have found ourselves sitting more than ever. This is bad, … Read more about Moving Is Important

Taking Care Of Mom

I have mentioned the caregiving issues I have been handling with my elderly mom in past blogs. My sisters and I have been trying to help our Mother deal with the changes her body’s been going through.She went from being fit and mobile and active to sedentary fragile and weary. We're so use to … Read more about Taking Care Of Mom

Massage & Exercise for Lymphedema

I first heard of lymphedema when I worked on a surgical floor at a hospital. I asked the nurse what she taught the patients about when they were about to undergo a mastectomy. She explained to me that there were side effects from having lymph vessels removed. That was the first time I heard of … Read more about Massage & Exercise for Lymphedema

Val, Why Are Your So Kind to Me?

  I am not what anyone would consider a delicate person. I am big and strong and capable. I and my siblings are funny and kind and we are a big presence in any room. That's a nice way of saying that we can be loud. But I am also kind and very tender hearted. I think people sometimes think … Read more about Val, Why Are Your So Kind to Me?

Watching The Signs of Illness In Our Elders

As the caregiver for my elderly mother, I try to pay attention to signs that she is about to be in trouble. When people reach their late 80’s, they can suddenly go south faster than you can say what happened? First, my sister noticed she was extra grumpy. Then we noticed her appetite had … Read more about Watching The Signs of Illness In Our Elders

Care Giving With Dignity

When we care for someone how do we deal with the challenge of personal​ care and keep the patient's dignity intact? Whether this is a patient we're treating in the medical profession or our family member at home the issue will come up. It is very important to remember that although this person now … Read more about Care Giving With Dignity

More About Mom’s Healing Journey

As we have mentioned before, my sisters and I have been caring for our 87 year old Mother. She is having trouble with her heart. The good news about modern meds and heart issues is there are medicines that can prolong our life in spite of the fact that our heart or kidney s are damaged. The side … Read more about More About Mom’s Healing Journey