Musings On a Life

I am largely a self-educated person. Yes, I have taken seminars and attended certification courses for my line of work. But I have gone way beyond those.   I look at my experiences as a classroom in earth school.  When faced with a problem or situation, I ask myself, "what's the best way … Read more about Musings On a Life

How To Cope With Stress

This quarantine has been stressful for many people. It is especially so for me for two reasons. The first is, I am self-employed, so, not working with my clients means I make no income. Secondly,  because I am so used to working with people all day, every day. I am experiencing a people … Read more about How To Cope With Stress

Dealing With Stress During The Holidays

We are lucky. Our Valhealing blog has lots of readers and sometimes they even ask us to print a post they write. It's a nice compliment that people take time to let us know they like what we write. Today, we received a request from Levada Elrod to post this on our blog, and to supply a link to their … Read more about Dealing With Stress During The Holidays

A Gong and Setting Our Intentions

Post by Julie Klutinoty Stepping into a softly lit room, I remove my shoes and place them in the cubed shelves against the wall. I reach for a blanket an eye pillow and find a space in the room that feels safe and nurturing. Once my mat is unrolled, I find my way down to the earth to prepare … Read more about A Gong and Setting Our Intentions

The Pilates Method

Today, our post has been written by Julie Klutinoty. Julie has been training and giving classes in Yoga and Pilates for years. In fact, we started working together in both of these disciplines for a number of years. This post is about Pilates, what it is and the history of it, and how it can help … Read more about The Pilates Method

Audra Irwin, Life Coach

My friend, Audra Irwin is a Life Coach. I have known her for several years and although we don't see each other that often these days, we do keep in touch. I have a standing invitation for all the people in my life who inspire me to contribute to my blog. Audra sent me this prayer. It is one that … Read more about Audra Irwin, Life Coach

Healing With Essential Oils

Long before Essential Oils began to become popular, I used them in my practice to help people with pain, stress relief, and other ailments. Essential Oils can be a powerful alternative to over the counter medications, but you have to know how to use them properly and you have to make certain they … Read more about Healing With Essential Oils

The Evolution of a Massage Practice

This is a story about the evolution of a real, honest to goodness, massage practice. One where you build your client base, maintain your clients base and evolve, change and learn as that client base changes. … Read more about The Evolution of a Massage Practice

How Massage Can Help With the Grieving Process

Grief might live in the heart, but it affects the body, too, contributing to pain and tightness. … Read more about How Massage Can Help With the Grieving Process

A Day In The Life Of An Outcall Massage Therapist

I mainly work on people in their own homes. I carry my table with me, and my supplies. Other massage therapists only work out of an office. It's all in what we are comfortable with. I have done both and neither one is better than the other, just different. Today I want to share with you just one of … Read more about A Day In The Life Of An Outcall Massage Therapist