I never get tired of trying to figure out the mysteries of the body. The body is a machine and it has moving parts and pieces which are designed to work together harmoniously. There are many facets of how a body is developed. Of course we have genetics that determine height and style of a … Read more about Bodies

The Pilates Method

Today, our post has been written by Julie Klutinoty. Julie has been training and giving classes in Yoga and Pilates for years. In fact, we started working together in both of these disciplines for a number of years. This post is about Pilates, what it is and the history of it, and how it can help … Read more about The Pilates Method

5 Reasons Seniors Should Try Yoga And Meditation

  We have a guest blogger this week. Mr. Harry Cline. Mr Cline is a caregiver who also is the creator of and author of the upcoming book, The A-Z Home Care Handbook: Health Management How-Tos for Senior Caregivers. As a retired nursing home administrator, … Read more about 5 Reasons Seniors Should Try Yoga And Meditation

The Benefts of Exercise, No Matter Your Age

Our brains and our bodies, one is not much good without the other. It takes our brains to keep our bodies operational. And while there’s no question that exercise is good for the body,  there is also mounting evidence that staying physically active can help slow the normal declines in brain … Read more about The Benefts of Exercise, No Matter Your Age

Yoga For Anxiety and Depression

Featured Image by Justyn Warner from Unsplash As an alternative health practitioner, I am always on the hunt for methods to help my clients with stress, anxiety, injury prevention and pain relief. I know from my own practice that regular massage is helpful for each of these things, and can even … Read more about Yoga For Anxiety and Depression

A Family Exercise Plan

I think it's time we start a movement. I am going to call it the Family Exercise Plan. In my previous post I mentioned the side effects of poor posture habits and what they can do to our bodies.  Last time I addressed the couch potato syndrome, and I would like to add to that today. Let's … Read more about A Family Exercise Plan

Staying Strong While Managing Your Pain

  During my journey as a massage therapist, I longed to find ways to help those of my clients who were in pain. As part of that quest to help my clients, I learned more about body structure, how as certain parts of our bodies become weak from over use or from lack of use, other parts of the … Read more about Staying Strong While Managing Your Pain

Work Those Lats!!

Don't let  those lats go !! The latissimus dorsi originates in our lumbar area and is attached to the upper arms. It is the widest muscle in the human body.  The Latissimus dosi  is thin and covers almost all back muscles at the posterior trunk except the trapezius. It assist teres … Read more about Work Those Lats!!