Working With SaraCare in Melbourne

In the past year or so, I have begun working at the SarahCare center in Melbourne, Fl. I met the owners of SarahCare a few years ago, and from time to time I would visit the center and keep in touch. I enjoy them and I really enjoy meeting all of the good people who come there each day. As of last … Read more about Working With SaraCare in Melbourne

Holidays Can Be Hard For Some of Us

At my age, which I am not going to tell you here, people I have loved and worked with, are leaving this world. Their parents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles are moving on from this life. The first Holidays after they leave us are often very tough for them. Over time, things usually get a little … Read more about Holidays Can Be Hard For Some of Us

Is Your Home Safe For Aging In Place ?

Guest post today from Harry Cline. Thank you, Harry, for sharing your insights with us. Most seniors want to age in place, but few of them live in homes suited to the needs of aging owners. Living in a home that doesn’t meet your needs is more than an inconvenience — it can also put your health … Read more about Is Your Home Safe For Aging In Place ?

Regaining Our Flexibility and Strength

On  Saturday, January 13,  my friend and fellow instructor, Julie Klutinoty, and I, conducted a class where we demonstrated techniques which can be used to awaken muscles that can become stiff when they are not being used regularly. It was gratifying to see and hear the people's … Read more about Regaining Our Flexibility and Strength

Caregiver for Post Operative Recovery

I have been working with bodies for so long now, and I am well-known here  in Brevard County, and when there is a situation involving pain of surgery, my people often call on me for more than massage work. I also help some of these clients as they are  preparing for or recovering from … Read more about Caregiver for Post Operative Recovery

Massage, Kangen Water and Medication Management

    I have written here several times about becoming a Caretaker for my aging Mom. In case you haven't read the previous posts, let me fill you in a bit. Around 2002 she moved from my house into an apartment in Vero Beach and for the first time in her entire life, she was on … Read more about Massage, Kangen Water and Medication Management

Infant Massage

During the 1980's when I was having children and many of my regular clients were also, I took an interest in Infant Massage. The power of touch is so great for all human beings, but never more than it is for infants. Touch is their whole world. It's how they learn in those first few months of life … Read more about Infant Massage

Watching The Signs of Illness In Our Elders

As the caregiver for my elderly mother, I try to pay attention to signs that she is about to be in trouble. When people reach their late 80’s, they can suddenly go south faster than you can say what happened? First, my sister noticed she was extra grumpy. Then we noticed her appetite had … Read more about Watching The Signs of Illness In Our Elders

Care Giving With Dignity

When we care for someone how do we deal with the challenge of personal​ care and keep the patient's dignity intact? Whether this is a patient we're treating in the medical profession or our family member at home the issue will come up. It is very important to remember that although this person now … Read more about Care Giving With Dignity


As my massage clients aged, I wanted to have a way to continue my relationships with them, and often times they required more than exercise and massages, so I got my CNA license. Since then I divide my time between massage therapy, personal training and caretaking for seniors. I love each of these … Read more about Caretaking

CNA Brevard County

As some of my favorite long term clients began to enter their 80's, I found myself not only giving them massages, but also taking over as a care taker. Because of this, I decided to get myself trained as a CNA. It's not a vocation I sought out, rather, out of necessity I took on that role in order … Read more about CNA Brevard County