Safe Exercising for Seniors

Thirty years of experience has taught me that exercise or the lack of it, has everything to do with how one ages.People who practice mindful movement,whether dancing. or household chores or exercise classes.will be more fit and recover faster from health issues. the more we use our bodies the longer … Read more about Safe Exercising for Seniors

Which Vitamins Are Good for What?

WE see commercials on television all the time that tout the value of vitamins, but how many of us really understand what vitamins do for us, and which ones help the most with our lifestyle? From WebMD: " Vitamin A: There are two main types of it. One comes from animal sources of food. You need … Read more about Which Vitamins Are Good for What?


As my massage clients aged, I wanted to have a way to continue my relationships with them, and often times they required more than exercise and massages, so I got my CNA license. Since then I divide my time between massage therapy, personal training and caretaking for seniors. I love each of these … Read more about Caretaking

Ten Things You Can Do For Your Brain

  Alzheimer's and dementia, two diseases that have been around for a long time, but thought by  most of us as  just some form of deterioration in the brain that occurred in certain old people. In recent years however, the more that we talk about this disease, the more we learn that it is not … Read more about Ten Things You Can Do For Your Brain

Help for Fibromyalgia Pain

Fibromyalgia can cause pain anywhere and sometimes everywhere in your body. It is not a fund thing to live with. For some people every little touch can be agonizing. It's not just pain, but fatigue and sleep disorders, headaches and anxiety. … Read more about Help for Fibromyalgia Pain

The Power of Touch

I began my career in the medical field as a Unit Clerk at a hospital, but the more I interacted with the caring Doctor's and Nurses that I was privileged to work with, the more I knew that something else was needed besides hospital care. I think in many situations there were things people could have … Read more about The Power of Touch

Recovering from Surgery

For those of us with living with or taking care of elderly parents, the day will arrive when we have to deal with hospitalization. People in the late 80’s and mid 90’s tend to have medical issues which can often involve a stay in the hospital. Often times it is a fall, and a broken bone which is the … Read more about Recovering from Surgery

CNA Brevard County

As some of my favorite long term clients began to enter their 80's, I found myself not only giving them massages, but also taking over as a care taker. Because of this, I decided to get myself trained as a CNA. It's not a vocation I sought out, rather, out of necessity I took on that role in order … Read more about CNA Brevard County