What Does A Good Massage Do For You?

People I meet will often ask what I do for a living. When I tell them that I am a professional massage therapist, I am usually met with one of two reactions. The first is, "oh my, I need a good massage." The second reaction is "what does a massage actually do for me?' What does a good massage … Read more about What Does A Good Massage Do For You?

Family Massage Time

I love family massage time. One of the nice things about having an outcall massage practice is working on families. Over the years I've learned a lot from working with families. Parenting is a big job. At times Parents can get overwhelmed with all the responsibilities  of raising  child. … Read more about Family Massage Time

Massage as a Healing Space?

I just read an article in Massage Magazine that I found to be very interesting. It was written by Amy Bradley Radford, L.M.T., B.C.T.M.B. I am going to use an excerpt from her article here so you can see what I am going to be writing about. Take a look: "Many years ago, a wise massage … Read more about Massage as a Healing Space?

Introducing Deb Arthur

  My sister, Cindy, owns a webdesign and social medial business which is aptly named Social-Cindy.com. She has several issues with her back and as she gets older, things are getting more painful for her. I work with her every couple of weeks and keep her going, until it gets really bad and she … Read more about Introducing Deb Arthur

Happy Mother’s Day!

I am fortunate enough to be the Mother of a beautiful, intelligent, kind and loving daughter. There are those who don't get that gift, and those who pay dearly to have children. And there are Mothers who bear children, bring them up, sacrifice everything for them, and the children no longer have … Read more about Happy Mother’s Day!

Massage Therapy and Exercise for Pain Relief

The majority of my massage business is out calls. I go to people's homes with my own massage table to work on them.  The advantages of doing house calls is that it provides me with information about their lifestyles.  When I start working with a new client I make it a point to observe … Read more about Massage Therapy and Exercise for Pain Relief

Fixing Ourselves

I was taking a walk down memory lane looking at some old photographs. It's funny how people take so many pictures now and back in the day that just wasn't the case or maybe it was just my parents that wasn't the case with I don't know. I found a photo of myself wearing a beautiful dress my mother … Read more about Fixing Ourselves

Massage Therapy for Pain Relief

How does massage therapy help with pain relief? The power of touch almost magical. Studies have shown that children who aren't held enough experience severe emotional and physical delays.  They also show that adults who, for whatever reason, aren't getting enough physical contact, can go … Read more about Massage Therapy for Pain Relief

Massage Therapy Helps With Anxiety?

The Touch Research Institute, located in the University of Miami School of Medicine, conducted a study with over  500  subjects of all ages with a documented  history of depression/anxiety. During the study, each of the subjects had their cortisol (stress hormone) levels measured … Read more about Massage Therapy Helps With Anxiety?

What Is Intrinsiconnections?

Many years ago a friend of mine, and a fellow student of movement and natural healing, Julie, and I were talking about our line of work. After hours, and perhaps even days of trying to describe our synergy and what we do, we came up with Intrinsiconnections. Here on the site, for search purposes … Read more about What Is Intrinsiconnections?