Testimonial For Valentina’s Caregiving

Valentina Boonstra was very instrumental as a caregiver to me.  Her dedication to listening and evaluating what I needed to solve my immediate problem meant the world to me. Also, her empathy and compassion led to getting me help faster than the doctor who’s care I was under.  Valentina … Read more about Testimonial For Valentina’s Caregiving

Yoga For Lower Back Pain

Today we have another guest post by Holly...enjoy.. Yoga For Lower Back Pain By Holly Garrett     There’s no doubt about it—lower back pain is a stinger. Thankfully there are some things we can do in yoga to alleviate the pain naturally and effectively. Marjariasana (Cat Pose) is … Read more about Yoga For Lower Back Pain

A Family Exercise Plan

I think it's time we start a movement. I am going to call it the Family Exercise Plan. In my previous post I mentioned the side effects of poor posture habits and what they can do to our bodies.  Last time I addressed the couch potato syndrome, and I would like to add to that today. Let's … Read more about A Family Exercise Plan

Staying Strong While Managing Your Pain

  During my journey as a massage therapist, I longed to find ways to help those of my clients who were in pain. As part of that quest to help my clients, I learned more about body structure, how as certain parts of our bodies become weak from over use or from lack of use, other parts of the … Read more about Staying Strong While Managing Your Pain

Gentle Exercise For Men and Women With Chronic Illness

Most of us are fortunate, we get an ache or a pain, take a pain pill and voila, we are fine the next day. Now, just try to imagine that same pain, perhaps even intensified, and it's there 24 hours of the day. No matter what type of pain pill you take, it's never stops hurting and there is no relief. … Read more about Gentle Exercise For Men and Women With Chronic Illness