Learning to Adapt

One of the best side benefits of my massage practice is I get to have interesting conversations with people whom I might not have ever met otherwise. I recently worked on a nice couple visiting from out of town. The gentleman mentioned his brother had gone to massage school and tried to start a … Read more about Learning to Adapt

Musings On a Life

  I am largely a self-educated person. Yes, I have taken seminars and attended certification courses for my line of work. But I have gone way beyond those. I look at my experiences as a classroom in earth school.  When faced with a problem or situation, I ask myself, "what's the best way … Read more about Musings On a Life

Working With SaraCare in Melbourne

In the past year or so, I have begun working at the SarahCare center in Melbourne, Fl. I met the owners of SarahCare a few years ago, and from time to time I would visit the center and keep in touch. I enjoy them and I really enjoy meeting all of the good people who come there each day. As of last … Read more about Working With SaraCare in Melbourne

How Are You Doing?

Whenever I talk to my friends these days and ask how they are doing, the response I get is "I am so tired, or I am exhausted or I just laid on the couch all day I couldn't get anything done".  Many of us have been on some kind of lockdown since early March. The stress of trying to follow all … Read more about How Are You Doing?

Massage Therapist and Voice Actor?

As a massage therpaist, a practitioner in The Healing Arts and a caregiver, I have spent most of my time doing what I think should be done or what I have to do. I love my work and I've enjoyed being helpful to people I've taken care of, but I'm at a point in my life where I want to start doing … Read more about Massage Therapist and Voice Actor?

Massage as Treatment

When I first started my massage business, the public viewed massage as pampering, I, however, did not. I had worked as a unit clerk in a hospital, and I knew first hand that pills rarely cure pain, they just mask it. I always had enough understanding of the human body to know that massage and some … Read more about Massage as Treatment

The Elderly and Falls

Falls  really can be terrifying for the elderly and for their families. In fact I can't think of anything that is more terrifying than receiving a phone call that your elderly parent has fallen.  No matter what your age is, you are transported to a feeling of helplessness as you race to the hospital … Read more about The Elderly and Falls

The Golden Years

If you ask some people, the Golden Years are not always all that golden. And yet, for most of the seniors I work with and work on, life seems to hold a little more joy than for people my own age. Even I, who am not yet officially a senior citizen, am at times much happier than I was when I was … Read more about The Golden Years

Gentle Exercise Can Do Just As Much Good

I often teach exercise classes at our local Senior Care places, such as Sarah Care. I have found that while many of the Seniors who come to these places are not necessarily in  prime physical condition, introducing them to QiGong and Tai Chi makes a difference for them. While not all of them can … Read more about Gentle Exercise Can Do Just As Much Good

Reversing Physical Problems Through Qigong

  I received a call from a concerned daughter about her Dad. She explained that her father was in a Rehab facility in order to help him regain strength after an illness. In addition to the symptoms of CHF , ( swelling of limbs) he was also showing signs of structural collapse. … Read more about Reversing Physical Problems Through Qigong

Recovering from Surgery

For those of us with living with or taking care of elderly parents, the day will arrive when we have to deal with hospitalization. People in the late 80’s and mid 90’s tend to have medical issues which can often involve a stay in the hospital. Often times it is a fall, and a broken bone which is the … Read more about Recovering from Surgery